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VOIP – What’s all the hype about?

Is it more about the newest and greatest? Or is it really a better technology that stands up to the cost?

Are the concepts and the products growing from VoIP just about fitting into the mould that high-tech society creates? Just as buying the newest car model or latest style in clothing? A mould that continues to set higher standards for what is better, what makes you ‘cooler’?

For telephony, the market and technology does set the future trend.

I wonder how many people even know what VOIP stands for?

Most people do not have much to say other than - we want it. Most companies have high standards in so many areas so why should the telephone system be traditional, old school?

Turns out that it is great opportunity to have it all - the traditional telephony while looking forward to the next best product.

The existing infrastructure for voice communications is steady. It is reliable. And now with the integration of voice over data network opens ups new frontiers for better, unified communication.

So don’t forget about old school traditional voice technology. Instead, unify it with the amazing power and functionality that VOIP creates and will continue to provide us as the technology develops.

Here at Aural Networks, with Aural 30 and its VOIP extension, we introduce a solution that takes a traditional system to the next level with the right mix of VOIP features – A small, compact and stylish integrated system for the small business. And it is easy to use and it is affordable.

The Aural 30 – A Communication System to Fit the Small Business

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